Men's Thong Underwear

Feels great and looks hot.

I love hot underwear and swimwear styles and I have an extremely large collection of both. I can honestly say that men's thong underwear and swimwear are my go to styles for daily use. I workout every day lifting weights and sometimes playing basketball. It's a thrill wearing thong underwear. I feel sexy and I know it looks hot in the locker room once I change to shower. I am bisexual and I can tell you from experience that men's thong underwear act like a man magnet. Walking around in a thong attracts way more attention than walking around nude. I love the feel of a thong up my ass and let's face it if it did not feel great millions of girls would not be wearing them. Men's thongs come in many shapes and sizes, different pouch cuts ranging from standard bulge shapes to male enhancement bulge pouches to the other end of the spectrum which is male to female transformation pouches. These styles repackage the penis and make it look like a vagina. Their is even a style that makes you look like you have a tiny little camel toe and it is available as underwear and swimwear. My favorite beach thong has a camel toe pouch. You can get high cut thongs, low cut fronts, string sides, semi and full sheer thong underwear and swimsuits along with male for4m designed thongs that have pouches the shape and size of your penis including extremely micro pouches up to ones that will handle a large penis. It's so much fun you might have trouble knowing where to start but that is where we come in. Let us guide you to the hottest underwear and swimwear fashions all made in the USA and shipped world wide. Let the games begin!

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